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Emarsys : Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

Posted on Nov 1, 2016 by in Technology | 0 comments

There are about 100 amazing, awesome, inspiring, game changing, never before heard lessons in this blog post.  OK, maybe that is an exaggeration, which is actually my point with this particular post.  Artificial Intelligence Marketing will fundamentally revolutionize the role of the marketer.  How often have you heard of a company because of the amazing exaggerations they communicate.  I know, I know, that is marketing.  Actually yes, and no.  I am all for building a brand. Am I the first person to jump on stage, grab the mic, and start pitching?  (stop laughing, that wasn’t a real question).  We will come back to this brand building, name recognition question in a moment.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM)

Have you heard of emarsys?  Me neither.  My entire job is based on finding the best entrepreneurs, best teams, and most innovative technologies to back with my two pennies, time, and knowledge built from the 1,000 mistakes I have made.  Here is lesson number one.  Entrepreneurship is a global sport.  The best is not always in front of you.  The world is a big place.

Perhaps emarsys should execute the 4 Ps of Marketing.  Price.  Product.  Promotion.  Place.  Maybe that is the answer.  Would it be an exaggeration if I said I hate the 4 Ps of Marketing?  Stop reading if I offended you or E. Jerome McCarthy.  By the way, the 4th P, is Distribution.  I guess 3 Ps + D wasn’t good marketing.  Lesson number two.  Squares don’t fit in round holes, so make it a square hole.

I have always had my own 4 Ps.  Stop laughing.  This is my blog, I get to invent stuff.  I have even been known to create a word.  Plan.  Process.  Platform.  People.  These are my 4 Ps of company building.


emarsys has a plan to revolutionize the role of the marketer.


emarsys has executed a process for global expansion that is nothing short of impressive.


emarsys has a technology platform built from the ground up for data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


emarsys has 600 bright minds with a clear vision for the future.

I know what you are thinking.  He is exaggerating.  emarsys is a global company with 600 dedicated team members leveraging cloud computing, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to fundamentally reshape, rethink, and revolutionize the role of marketers, but you haven’t heard of them.  Lesson number three.  Hype has become a professional skill people add to their LinkedIn profiles.  Over promise and under deliver.  That is the norm.  Admit it.  You know.  It is rare to find a group of people dedicated to under promising and over delivering.

Did I say 100 lessons?  I meant 4.  Why 4?  It fits.  Lesson number four.  Good guys do win, under promising and over delivering does work, and artificial intelligence marketing is real.  OK, that is three lessons slammed into one sentence, and one of them is a cliché, but again, this is my blog, I get to write what I want.  I look forward to jumping on stage, grabbing the mic, and pitching.  My obsession with marketing technology is certainly no secret.  Over the last decade I have continued to be one of the most active investors in the space.  This will be fun.  Let the revolution begin.  Ready to embrace tomorrow.

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