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Two Lessons in Two Years

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 by in Life Lessons, Startup Funding, Technology | 0 comments

Two Lessons in Two Years.  Hard to believe that TechSquare Labs is two years old.  Does time fly?  That is a serious question.  I am not sure if time flies but it is amazing what time allows.  Given enough time and effort vision becomes reality.  Over the last two years I have learned hundreds of lessons.  As I have blogged before I believe strongly in dreaming big, working hard, learning constantly, and yes, enjoying life.  Learning constantly is a daily pursuit.

Instead of sharing ten lessons I challenged myself to focus on what were the most important additions to my life compass.


What am I investing?

Over the last two years it has become crystal clear to me that the single most important investment I make is my time.  To place my time ahead of any and all monetary investments might seem obvious but it is hard to think that way.  This single lesson has altered the way I approach my entire day.  Would I work at this company?  Do I love the idea?  Do I love the team?  Here is a big one, would I recommend that team and product to my most trusted friends and associates (yes NPS)?  Do you spend much time truly thinking about how you are investing your time?  Give it a try.  I am investing my own personal Time Capital Fund.

What does it take to Build Something from Nothing?

Two years ago an old Office Depot building was full of printer paper, copiers, and the roof was leaking.  Today (see picture) it is amazing the transformation that has occurred.  I don’t know a single person that doesn’t have an idea, or vision, or dream.  We all do.  Sometimes it is hard to see through the copy paper and gross carpet.  Seeing the world in a different light is fun, that is why we all love dreaming.  But, and this is a big but, the lesson I have learned is that vision without execution is just a dream.  So the lesson I have added to my life compass is to constantly ask and plot the steps from point A to Z.  Again, seems simple, but I have been guilty of falling in love with a vision, but what really matters are the steps to make that vision a reality.

As TechSquare Labs turns two I am thankful for these important lessons.  Invest my time diligently because unlike money, once I invest it, I will never get it back.  Focus.  Focus.  Focus on the details because that is what is required to Build Something from Nothing.

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