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Storm Brewing over the SaaS Greenfield?

Posted on Sep 19, 2015 by in Sales and Marketing | 0 comments

Is there a storm brewing over the SaaS greenfield?  What am I talking about, the SaaS game is all the rage.  You build an MVP, you buy the book Predictable Revenue, hire some sales development team members, and boom! Magic.

Storm Brewing over Greenfield (Blog Image)

This topic has been on my list for about a year, and I have only grown more concerned in recent meetings.  Is SaaS sales and marketing the new social media?  What do I mean?  What does it take to be a social media expert?  Come on, you know what I am talking about, the people that brand themselves as social media consultants or social media experts are typically none of the above (of course there are some, don’t get all work up, just follow me for a moment).

In order to sound like a SaaS sales and marketing guru you can basically educate yourself on the buzz words by reading 10 blog posts on the internet, then you go to a meeting and say: CAC, MRR, ARR, SDR, MQLs, SQLs and when the person looking at you says WTF are you talking about: you’re a SaaS sales and marketing god.

I will admit this is not a new problem.  Sales and to some degree marketing has always been difficult to determine if someone is truly skilled, until you hire them, see them work, and measure them.  I have made my own (fully documented) mistakes related to this topic (here I am spilling my guts).

As I interact with more and more teams I am making a focused effort to quickly move beyond acronyms of SaaS (sales and marketing) and focus on sharing lessons I’ve learned (good and bad) related to recruiting, training, data quality, establishing funnel metrics, delivering a demo, and using objective measurements to optimize the process.

The beauty of this storm, beyond the actual cool picture, is that sales and marketing is objectively measurable in the smallest and largest of companies.  I have said many times, scaling sales and marketing is hard as fu*k.  Let’s continue to acknowledge that by moving beyond the buzzwords (I promise I will everyday).

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