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REscour : Startup Review and Opportunity

Posted on Mar 5, 2015 by in Startup Funding | 0 comments

REscour, a commercial real estate data visualization and intelligence platform, today announced the close of a $1.3 million seed investment round. Led by Jason Calacanis’s Launch Fund and AngelList syndicate, and TechSquare Labs, the round also included Mosley Ventures, Tom Cousins’ Nonami Investments, President of ARA Blake Okland, and former CEO of Chip Perry. The capital will be used to expand REscour’s engineering team, accelerate enterprise sales and increase awareness of the REscour platform. REscour also announced that Allen Nance, partner at Tech Square Labs, will join the board of directors.”


Enough of the press release content.  Just wanted to share a few thoughts about REscour and why I am so excited about this team, this opportunity, and this investment.

This Team:

– Jake Edens the CEO, knows the commercial real estate industry and has a point of view on its future and intends to create that future.

– Chris Lexmond the CTO, knows the commercial real estate data ecosystem and is a product focused technical leader, he wants users to love the product.

– The other team members love working at REscour and you can feel it when you are around them, the energy is contagious.

This Opportunity:

– It is an enormous market.  Not big, not huge, its gigantic.

– Atlanta is a commerical real estate town and the perfect place to disrupt the entire industry.

– Data businesses are great businesses.

This Investment:

– All the investors are committed to going big.  They see the opportunity.

– The investor group includes real estate experts, the Atlanta community, and West Coast support.

– Its a great example of the TechSquare Labs model.

I have said it before, creating something from nothing is hard as shit.  Too many people focus on the news articles and the success, not the work, the process, and sacrifice.  Watching Rescour over the last year has me excited about this team, this opportunity, and this investment.



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