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Happy Birthday TechSquare Labs

Posted on Mar 20, 2015 by in Leadership | 0 comments

Happy Birthday TechSquare Labs.  Amazing its been a year.  A year of dreaming big, working hard, learning constantly, and enjoying life.  I hate “Year in Review” formats, they are entirely about looking backwards, and feel like a pat on the back or drinking your own kool-aid.  I am not flexbile enough to pat my back, and I don’t like kool-aid.  Yep you read it right, I don’t like kool-aid.  Now my addiction to Diet Coke, that is another topic.


So, happy first year, and now onto the second year:

Dream Big

It required a big dream to even start TechSquare Labs.  Yes, it was and is a startup.  Creating something from nothing isn’t a slogan, its a way of life.  We are currently helping build seven businesses ranging from information security, marketing automation, hardware, real estate software, and banking technology.  They each have a big dream and a big market to chase, but most importantly not a single one is a feature.  They each address a systemic opportunity in a market.  We committed to going big and if you look at who we are working with they each have that opportunity.  I understand they won’t all make it, that’s fine, they are all dreaming big.

Work Hard

Just go ask anyone that is around TechSquare Labs if we work hard.  Seriously just ask them.  You will get at least three examples or stories.  Creating something from nothing is hard work, really hard.  Each team ranging from one hundred employees to three have seen hands on examples of hard work.  Whether it is recruiting a talented team member, looking at some code, hell, setting up a booth, or making a cold call, these companies are grinding.  This past year, Paul Judge gave a speech and said it clearly, “talent is insufficient, preparation is required, and hard work is the differentiator.”

Learn Constantly

I have personally learned so much this past year from Paul, the teams, and investors.  I am even more excited about what I will learn in the future.  The teams are learning from each other and this will only accelerate when we open our physical space.  Everyone has an opportunity to learn and what worked at one company we are quickly sharing with another team, it is all a circle.  What we learn from an investor looking at one of our current companies is immediately useful in helping us evaluate an opportunity the next morning with an entrepreneur.

Enjoy Life

Really?  Do you have to ask.  Do Paul and Allen have fun.  Always, every single day.  Enjoying life is not a vacation, it is a frame of mind.  We enjoy seeing technology, meeting entrepreneurs, negotiating, and everything that is involved with creating something from nothing.

Its been a great year, but the future is what I am celebrating.

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