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YP: Billion Dollar Marketing Technology Leader

Posted on Feb 16, 2015 by in Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Technology | 0 comments

Atlanta’s billion dollar marketing technology leader.  Paint this town Yellow and Black.  Please.  Not only because it would go nicely with my beloved Georgia Tech, but also because we need to celebrate this company, partner with them, and let them lead.

So who is this billion dollar marketing technology leader?  Well, it isn’t your grandparents Yellow Pages, its a reborn, getting cooler by the day, digital marketing company, who is lead by a world-class team of executives and cut 9 letters out of their name.


Digital To Surpass Print at YP:

– Rock solid executive management team with a vision for digital.

– Over 1,000 sales executives.

– Hundreds of thousands of digital customers.

– 80 Million monthly digital users.

I have had the luxury of spending time with the management team of YP and I continue to be impressed, but I also continue to be shocked that the “martech mafia” running around Atlanta has no idea that all of us combined are a week of YP’s revenue (ok maybe a month) but you get the point.  Can you imagine if YP moved into Midtown (maybe even Technology Square) and opened a campus for a billion dollar marketing technology leader.  It would be game changing.  Until that happens, lets celebrate them, invite them to our events, partner with them, show them what we are working on, and encourage them to take a leadership role.

Here is a great video of David Krantz YP’s CEO talking about the future.

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