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Unicorn Sighting in Technology Square

Posted on Jan 16, 2015 by in Technology | 1 comment

Unicorn sighting in Technology Square.  For one of the most blogging towns in America I have been surprised to not see 10 blog posts from the technology leaders in Atlanta about the recent news regarding Technology Square.  Every time someone asks me what is missing in Atlanta’s technology eco-system I always have the same answer, “a billion dollar technology company as the anchor, with a big building and flags flying out front (I always wave my hands like a flag), that all the engineers graduating from Georgia Tech want to work at and is the aspiration of startups”.

Unicorn TechSquare Mascot

I can literally hear the cash register ringing:

– NCR was founded in 1884, based on today’s entrepreneurial frenzy measurements, it is a startup!

– NCR IPOed in 1926 (interesting it took 42 years)

– NCR built the first bar code scanner in 1974

– NCR was bought by AT&T in 1991 (interesting I didn’t know that, 1996 became NCR again)

– NCR spins out Teradata (big data) in 2007

– NCR moves to Atlanta, Georgia in 2009

– NCR acquires Digital Insight in 2014 (Atlanta is a big online banking innovator)

– NCR moves to Technology Square in 2018

This is game changing.  NCR will become the anchor of the Atlanta technology community and their selection of Technology Square sends a clear message, it is a special place, worthy of a $280 million dollar investment.  I have blogged about my thoughts regarding Technology Square, and my feelings continue to grow.  The more time I spend at the corner of 5th and Spring the more I fall in love.  Technology Square has all the ingredients and I predict it becomes a “named location”.  You know what I mean, you are in another part of the world and someone says “TechSquare, yeah, I’ve been there”.

While I was writing this blog post, Urvaksh posted this!

Final thought.  Technology Square needs a mascot.  I vote for a Unicorn, in a Unitard, on a Unicyle.  How long until someone actually does this? Go.

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  1. With all due respect to Aileen Lee the term Unicorn is unwarranted and we should not perpetuate its use. Unicorns are imaginary be definition. Startups that make it to billion dollar valuations (WebVan and many the like excluded) are real. I prefer black swans and so does Paul Graham.

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