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Should Everyone Learn to Code

Posted on Dec 18, 2014 by in Trends | 0 comments

Should everyone learn to code?  I have shared that I am making a concentrated effort to become more technical, yes, part of that is taking Code Academy classes online.  Am I planning to build a product, no I am not.  So, why am I learning to code, simple, I am convinced it is the “language of the future” (actually, today).  Have you ever wondered, why do Americans only speak English (mostly), and other parts of the world speak multiple languages and specifically they speak English.  Why does everyone take US Dollars?  Stop rolling your eyes, travel outside the country to any modern or emerging market, they speak English, and they take dollars.  Why?  For the last 100 years the United States economy was the primary driver of the global economy, making English the language of commerce.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 4.15.01 PM

So I ask again, should everyone learn to code?  Recently I had a chance to watch Paul Judge deliver a speech at the Platform event held in Atlanta, Georgia and during that speech he says, “I’ve never seen a basketball player who doesn’t dribble”.  He was making a point that “coding, programming, hacking” is the language of our time and the future.

Here is a decent list of languages spoken:

1.  Chinese/Mandarin

2.  Spanish

3.  English

4.  Hindi

5.  Arabic

I started thinking, if coding was simply thought of as a spoken language how would we answer the question, should everyone learn to code?  Should everyone speak “computer”?

Here is a report on how many developers the world has.  So we have 20,000,000 people who speak the language of the future, doesn’t seem like nearly enough.  Honestly what worries me: speaking computer becomes the primary divider between those that have opportunity and those that don’t.  The same number of people speak “Napli (.25%) – language of Nepal” as speak computer. What’s the difference, Nepal has never driven the global economy!

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