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Old Tricks New Dog

Posted on Dec 26, 2014 by in Technology | 0 comments

Old Tricks New Dog, or Old Dog New Tricks?  Happy holidays from the coast of South Georgia.  As I spend time relaxing and enjoying being disconnected from the hustle of my normal days I did what it seems we all do – reflect, measure, and ponder.  I do love this time of year – not because of the excessive purchasing but because I seem to be driven by “new”.  New challenges, new adventures, new obstacles, and new lessons.

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I will share again a simple formula for focusing your 2015 Goals: Dream Big, Work Hard, Learn Constantly and Enjoy Life.

So, why old tricks new dog?  A little over a year ago, actually about 16 months ago, I committed myself to becoming more “technical”.  Why you ask, well, as I discussed in this Ondoers Episode, I simply think the world is becoming more technical and I don’t believe for a second that technology is commoditized.  The engineering challenges we face in the future will be harder then anything we’ve ever accomplished – and I want to participate.

What has this new focus on being more technical meant for me personally?

1.  I’ve resharpened my technical skills using Code Academy and enjoyed every minute of it.  I have always enjoyed computers and simply drifted away from it.

2.  At WhatCounts we have completely rebuilt the engineering team, and my ability to help them paint a picture of the “Future of Email” is helped by my sharpened technical focus.

3.  My partnership with Paul Judge, well, simply would not exist if I wasn’t committed to being more technical.

4.  I get to interact with the technical minds solving complex problems at Ionic Security, Pindrop Security, Springbot, Monsieur, Rescour, StackfolioCheckDroid and InsightPool : and I am keeping up, I can feel their appreciation for me asking real questions about the technology.

I am not giving up on sales and marketing, not at all, I am simply realizing that a focus on technology, product, and innovation is a better place to start, then sell and market the sh*t out of the solution.  It has not been easy, it is has been trying at times, demoralizing, and ego-checking – but I won’t stop.  Just in the last two months I have seen that look from developers when they realize I completely understand the technology, or that once a month high I get when I say something and Paul Judge gives me that look (you know, that ok smile).

Have you ever been playing golf or actually playing any sport, and hit that one “great” shot, that keeps you coming back.  Well, just the other day I was sitting with Adam Ghetti and the investors from Ionic and I explained how I thought Ionic worked – SILENCE – fell over the room (ok, just kidding), but in all seriousness I could see that look on Adam’s face, “is Allen really about to do this?”  I explain it, through an analogy, moved my hands as little as possible, and everyone in the room gave me that look (you know, that ok smile).  It was just enough to motivate me to keep playing.

Being more technical isn’t a new trick, some of the greatest companies in the world have been built by highly technical minds, so I say I am a New Dog.



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