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A Look Inside TechSquare Labs

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 by in Startup Funding | 0 comments

Do you want a look inside TechSquare Labs?  Lets call this an update post.  Lots of progress has been made since my last post about TechSquare Labs in Atlanta.  I have personally loved the learning process.  I already blogged about what I have learned in the process, so this post will be more update and thoughts.

Atlanta has all the Ingredients:

I can’t go to another meeting where someone tells me the one missing ingredient in the entrepreneurial eco-system is the one thing they have on the next slide.  Ingredients are one thing, baking a cake is another.  I have not spent one minute worried about our ingredients, I’m just focused on baking the best cake possible.  Atlanta has 15 Fortune 500, 27 Fortune 1000, over 250,000 university students, tons of smart people, a proven track record, and plenty of amazing companies.

Technology Square is the Perfect Oven:

The more time I have spent in and around Technology Square (5th and Spring) the more I see how visionary it truly is.  I laugh because people forget that it was parking lots and drug deals until 2000.  People also forget that 2000-2003 was not exactly a booming time in technology (Dot-com bubble).  What a bold move.  Following the dot-com bubble, Georgia Tech and a group of visionaries built what is today 700,000 square feet of research, academic, accelerator, incubation, and labs focused on technology innovation – oh and a Starbucks + Wafflehouse combo!

TechSquare Inside

A Look Inside TechSquare Labs:

Paul Judge and I were given the rare chance to purchase a free-standing building (I believe the last remaining) in Technology Square (an old Office Depot building) and we jumped at it.  The location is perfect, the building is perfect, and we are excited to redevelop it into the future home of TechSquare Labs.  Check out the new website.  The facility will open in March-April 2015 and include flexible space for innovation, company building, and corporate labs.  Of course if you are interested in learning more, just visit the website.

How can you help?  If you are a technical founder, reach out to us.  If you are interested in working inside TechSquare Labs in the spring, reach out to us.  If you are an enterprise and interested in corporate innovation and lab facilities, reach out to us.  I will continue to blog updates and we truly appreciate all the support we have received – we look forward to welcoming you into 859 Spring Street.

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