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The Guide to the Atlanta Startup Scene

Posted on Jul 9, 2014 by in Startup Funding | 0 comments

The Guide to the Atlanta Startup Scene.  Have you seen it yet?  Get real, yes you have and so has 8,000+ other people.  Like pound for pound king Floyd Money Mayweather says, “hate it or love it, you going to respect it”.  Of course he is talking about his boxing skills, and what I am referring to is Paul Judge’s article and guide that was published in Pando Daily.  So, what do I have to add as commentary beyond the guide itself, wait just a second, you must be asking, why did Allen wait to post his blog about it?

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.30.16 PM

Have you ever had that moment when you realize your place in the world, you know, your energy sphere in the cosmos!  Well, I know mine.  Here is how things work in Atlanta, almost as predictable as real estate brokers without socks, hot ass weather in August, or roads named Peachtree:

1.  Paul Judge (or several other technology community leaders) thinks big and does something.

2.  A Twitter war breaks out, some people love it, some people hate it, and very few people just respect it.

3.  I laugh, I always laugh, you know the statement, “are you laughing at me or with me?” I am laughing at you.

4.  David Cummings blogs about it and adds to it, I love that he always adds.

5.  Then I blog about it.

So what did I take from The Guide, the 8,000+ views, the Twitter comments, and the general vibe?

First things first, The Guide.  Awesome work.  Paul Judge is talented, plain and simple.  His work quality and mental olympics are impressive, I have been in the Atlanta Startup Scene and technology ecosystem for more than ten years and I learned at least 5 new things by reviewing the guide.  I had the privilege of watching it evolve over a week of research and learned something new with each new draft.  Next, the 8,000+ views!  The content was great, but also, Paul’s creditability in Atlanta and outside of Atlanta is an asset for the entire ecosystem.  The twitter comments.  Well, no comment.

So, how about the general vibe?  It was mostly positive, interested, and encouraging.  As the day went on and emails came in, I was proud to be part of the Atlanta community.  Paul did us all proud.  Then as always, just when I’m about to stop paying attention, the best thing happens, you know, those special moments, the learning opportunities, the “diamonds in the rough”.  Paul ended his day with a perfect tweet, “Someone asked me if I ever did a bootstrapped company. I am a bootstrapped company.”  

Why did I love this tweet so much?  It summarized for me The Guide, the 8,000+ views, the Twitter comments, and the entire Atlanta scene in 15 words.  He nailed it.  I have the privilege of working with Paul, but it surprises me how few people know his background, his vision, and his points of view.  He is a bootstrapped company.  I loved part of the guide, I hated part of the guide, but I respected it all, and say thank you.



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