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Sky is the Limit Rebelution Lyrics

Posted on Jun 7, 2014 by in Wisdom | 0 comments

Sky is the limit – Rebelution – lyrics!  So, I’ve been listening to Rebelution a lot recently, maybe it is the whole surfing thing, who knows.  I was listening to a song recently and it hit me hard.  I started thinking, wow, how cool would it be to review lyrics on occasion and tie life lessons to them in my blog.  Why?  well, no one else is doing that, and (straight up) everyone’s blog is starting to sound the same, and I’m not going out like that.

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Here we go:

If you’re in my line, I’ll go around the side, and still bring it
Sky is the limit
So out of my way
You can’t get me down

Lesson: If it was easy, everyone would do it.  Of course someone is going to try and stop you, get real.  

There’s nothing like a clear peace of mind
To overcome the hardships in life
To sort out the wrong from the right
Someone’s in line, but they can’t get me down

Lesson: When things get hard, slow down, calm down, take a breath, don’t speed up.  

I got my own self by my side
And mentally I gotta be free
I see the wickedness coming full speed
But, I hold together like the ball needs the seam

Lesson: Be reliable to yourself first, and keep your eyes open, there are hustles everywhere.

I’m trying to do something not nothing, 
You’re trying to hold me back and that’s fine
Nothing you say or do is worth my time
Good day to you, I respectfully decline
And now I’m coming stronger than ever
You say I’m a fool
I say whatever
I’m in it for the good vibes together
And the love lasts forever

Lesson: Chase your own dreams, don’t let people stop you, if people are negative, go harder.  

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