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Funny Friday: What is Culture? Really.

Posted on Mar 1, 2014 by in Core Values | 0 comments

What is Culture? Really.  TGIF not because the weekend is here, but because I am flying home from a road trip and decided to write a Funny Friday blog post.  Its been a long week, Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, back to Atlanta.  Somehow I keep thinking that the West Coast is 3 hours away, it isn’t.  (this is an inside joke).  This week’s trip was both tiring and energizing (if you don’t understand that, I am sorry, I can’t explain it to you, just close your browser).


I keep hearing, “Your workplace is your ecosystem, if you get the culture right, everything else falls into place”. 

– Make sure your team members wear headphones (expensive ones) and don’t talk to each other.

– Interrupt people and ask them about “washing machines”.

– Get bean-bag chairs, ping pong tables, and in-house massages.

– Pay people to quit.  $10 Starbucks gift cards seems a bit much.

– Challenge assumptions and think about deeper goals.  Why do we wash our clothes?

– Only hire people with humble shoes.

I had a great opportunity to meet two new team members in the WhatCounts seattle office this week, I can’t wait to ask them about their washing machines, and give them their Starbucks gift card (the good thing is the office is directly ontop of a Starbucks).  I can confirm they both had on humble shoes, they did into the club, and I am a bouncer.

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