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Parenting Wisdom for Dudes

Posted on Feb 5, 2014 by in Wisdom | 2 comments

Parenting wisdom for dudes?  Get ready.  Today is Wisdom Wednesday.  Quick aside, I am really enjoying this new format, sure it is only day three, but funny how when I follow my own advice of a content calendar it is more enjoyable and productive (stop laughing).  Wednesdays are all about exploring and sharing tidbits of wisdom.  I like the word wisdom, why, it confuses people.  To me wisdom is simple: it is knowledge grounded on experience (don’t look for that in Wikipedia).

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 8.29.00 PM

I found a year’s worth of parenting wisdom for dudes: 

– You will be a different parent every morning to a child who will also be different, sometimes changing in just hours, or minutes, or before your eyes.

– Children are drawn to the things we parents fear: high places, water, wandering far away, dangerous sharp tools.

– Every child learns to walk, talk, read and do algebra at his own pace and … it will have no bearing on how well he walks, talks, reads or does algebra.

– A little bit of control goes a long way toward feeling happy. Let your kids choose their outfits. Allow them to choose the dinner menu one night per week. Ask them what classes they want to take. Give them the opportunity to make some decisions and watch them smile in return.

– If you pay attention, kids will teach you how to laugh loudly, how to love deeply and how to live fully. They will also ruin all your stuff.

I will stop there, take a look through the rest of the list, there are some really good reminders in there.  For those that “really” know me, you know, I have two cool ass kids, they go to the boxing gym with me, they come to boring speaking engagements with me,  and as of tonight, I learned, one of them reads my blog.  The reason I decided to share this tidbit of parenting wisdom (specifically with the dudes) is that tonight my oldest daughter read my blog and made a comment on it, when the comment popped through on my email, I promise you, my head exploded.  I was mentally, physically, and emotionally blown away.  I was quickly reminded that “she is paying attention to what I do, what I say, and how I act, and clearly what I write”.  So a final bit of wisdom for dudes out there, “your daughter needs you as a role model for how she should be treated by boys and men”.  


  1. A welcomed post Allen. We just found out April and I are having a baby girl in July!

  2. Great post, I guess that’s why it’s Wisdom Wednesday. Might have to tweet out some of this.

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