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2014 the Year of Snapchats

Posted on Feb 4, 2014 by in Trends | 2 comments

2014 the Year of Snapchats?  It’s Trend Tuesday, so let’s talk about a big trend that everyone is predicting for 2014.  For the last decade millions (maybe billions) of people have shared almost anything about themselves online.  That bad photo, that drunk photo, that half clothed photo, and maybe the crazy 140 character rant.  Sure some people have gotten fired, a bunch of you haven’t gotten a job offer and didn’t know why (check your Facebook – the company did) but, we keep posting, we keep sharing, seriously some people called 2013 the Year of the Selfie.


What is Anonymity worth?  Uh.  Say, $2 Billion, maybe $4 Billion!

– Behaviors around “sharing” anything on social networks is changing (fast)

– High profile data breaches (such as Target) scare people, make them think

– Initial social media users are maturing into working (young) adults

So, the Tuesday Trend, anonymity on the Internet will take hold driven by millions of people changing their sharing behaviors, millions more monitoring and deleting online profiles due to concerns over data breaches, and yes, the “first social generation” is growing up.  Why do you think insurance magically gets cheaper at 25 years of age (because) people magically get smarter!  Do you have a Snapchat account?  If not, don’t worry, this idea of disappearing content (anonymity) will become a feature.


  1. I really like your blog it is very inspiring and we’ll thought out you are absolutely right and you are right the people do put a bunch of photos online I really like you blog daddy

    Love you

  2. If only the anonymous and ephemeral part were true.

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