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Unemployable Entrepreneur 2013 Year in Review

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 by in Leadership | 0 comments

Unemployable Entrepreneur is a blog that I launched on June 7th, 2013 with my very first post “Where Are you Riding Your Bike?”.  When I decided to launch a blog six months ago I was fully committed to being different, totally candid, and real, yes real.  I continue to focus on writing about things that interest me, sharing lessons, but most importantly just “keeping it real”.  The best compliments I have received this year as it relates to this blog “Unemployable Entrepreneur” is when people say “you are just like your blog”, of course I see it the other way around, “my blog is just like me, because it is real”.


A quick summary of 2013:

– The blog received 14,326 AUV (Absolute Unique Visitors)

– The average person visited 1.43 pages and spent 1:38 on the blog

– 63% of my visitors were new

– The most visited portion of the blog was “About”

I am actually not sure if these numbers are good, bad, or indifferent; however at least I have benchmarks for 2014.  I was a little surprised that the most visited page of the blog was the “About”; however I think it was new and people were curious, “who is this guy dropping craziness”.  I would expect this page to fall out of favor in 2014 and I hope the writing leads the way.  As far as blog posts, my five most popular posts of 2013:

1.  Atlanta Startup Community – Big Ideas Only!

2.  Did You Just Call me an Ambivert?

3.  Atlanta Why No Early Stage Venture Capital?

4.  Is Risk Tolerance Genetic?

5.  What is the Allbound Truth of the B2BCamp Keynote?

Now lets take a look into that mirror and ask, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the..different, candid, real, of them all?”  I am actually very proud of this blog’s first six months, but as I have always stated, greatness only comes from a willingness to be critical.  Are the numbers good, again, not sure, but I will ping a few people and ask.  Was I different, tough to answer, my initial reaction after reviewing the Top 5 posts is “not really”.  I would say 2/5 are truly different from what others are writing.  Was I candid?  Yes, I believe I removed the filter, stuck to my rule of “no real editing”, just write and publish.  Was I real?  Yes, I think this is what I am most proud of.  Putting yourself out there writing is not easy, you are exposing yourself, it is completely natural to put on a mask, filter it, and not be real – I believe that Unemployable Entrepreneur is “real” and I am proud of that.  So looking back, good job, looking forward, not good enough to be great.  So what to change?  I have to find more “unique, different” topics.  I am going to explore deeper into the motivations, fears, and skill sets of the entrepreneur.  I am done writing about startup events, and fundraising, I am committed to going beyond that in 2014.  To all who have read it, I say, thank you and I hope 2014 is amazing for you, for all those non-readers, I say…

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