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Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle

Posted on Dec 3, 2013 by in Technology | 0 comments

Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle is a great review piece as you begin planning for 2014.  Technology is moving at a rapid pace that is difficult to keep up with.  Whatever you do, don’t, don’t, try to contain it, that is a waste of time, it will never work.  The rate of change and innovation is speeding up, not slowing down.  What you can do as a leader is review technology forecasting tools such as the “Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle” and ask yourself, how will this impact my business?


Here is a link to: Gartner 2013 Hype Cycle

“In making the overriding theme of this year’s Hype Cycle the evolving relationship between humans and machines, we encourage enterprises to look beyond the narrow perspective that only sees a future in which machines and computers replace humans.”

– Augmenting Humans with Technology

– Machines Replacing Humans

– Humans and Machines working Alongside Each Other

– Machines better Understanding Humans and the Environment

– Humans better Understanding Machines

– Machines and Humans becoming Smarter

I found this research very relative to my area of focus: “technology enabled marketing”.  It is clear that technology has fundamentally altered the marketing eco-system.  Specifically several technologies on the Garter 2013 Hype Cycle will continue to be broad trends in the digitalizing of marketing operations including: prescriptive analytics, big data, content analytics, NFC, cloud computing, as well as predictive analytics.  When you take a look at the hype curve it becomes clear that digital data is exploding and over time humans and machines will coexist not replace one another.

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