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Teaching Entrepreneurship to Kids a Real Inheritance?

Posted on Nov 24, 2013 by in Life Lessons | 0 comments

Teaching entrepreneurship to kids, is that a real inheritance?  Today was one of those days, you know, the good ones, no I am sorry, the great ones.  So I am leaving the boxing gym (yep I am back training) and I get an email from my 9 year old daughter.  “Hi daddy do you have to do something because I want to make a website called:  Mom said I need you to help me if I want to do it please.”  Are you kidding me, I almost wrecked my car.  First, yes she has an email and a Macbook Air, second she has an idea for a website, a real idea, and lastly, she wants me to help her!

Pic of MVP

I got home and the hackathon began.  Teaching entrepreneurship to kids isn’t about waiting until they get to college and decide to major in entrepreneurship it is a daily teaching opportunity.  Whether it is taking them to the office, explaining why we start businesses like (WhatCounts, or Springbot, or Peachtree Supplies), or talking about what MVP means, it has to be real.

So what did I do with my 9-year old daughter today:

1.  We talked about what she wanted to build.  I made certain to not “take over the idea”.  It was important that it was her idea.

2.  We discussed what the name was going to be.

3.  We went and purchased the domain name.

4.  We secured a Twitter handle.

5.  We worked together to select a suitable logo and design it.

6.  We began working on a website that would be the MVP.

7.  We worked on content for the website, including searching for and selecting images.

8.  We worked on building a list of fun, safe, free games for the product.

9.  We performed a quick QA (Quality Assurance) on the website.

10.  We launched the website for the world to enjoy.

In three hours I sat at a table and worked side by side with my daughter to bring her idea to life.  We discussed her thoughts, we engaged with each other in a real way, she showed real interest in my expertise, I complimented her on her ideas, we discussed entrepreneurial lessons such as MVP, we built a fully functioning product, and launched it.  Teaching entrepreneurship to kids is absolutely a real inheritance.  Today my daughter connected the dots.  Is her dad a fancy lawyer, no, a doctor, no, I’m an Internet entrepreneur and the proudest company I’ve helped build is called Fun Fun Games – the others aren’t even close.



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