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Is Tech the New Hollywood? Celeb?

Posted on Aug 13, 2013 by in Startup Funding, Technology | 0 comments

Listen, 6 AM is 6 AM, and it is early.  I got up this morning, jumped on my bike (day two), and headed to breakfast with Daniel Caplin (I get to call him Dan).  This guy is smart, energetic, and dresses well.  We start pinging around ideas and catching up – we start talking about clothes designers (we aren’t that cool, it relates to a business idea), and he makes this statement that stuck with me, “tech is the new hollywood”.  I must say, I have noticed that more and more technology entrepreneurs are dressing a lot cooler than I ever look. (insert picture of Dr. Paul Judge).


Today’s question: Is Tech the New Hollywood, and entrepreneurs the new Celebrities?

Of course I think I am cool, and I have always been drawn to other entrepreneurs – or – dream chasers.  Things have changed recently, now, other people think we are cool (yes, I am putting myself in this group – don’t forget it is my blog – if I write a screen play, trust me, my character will not die and will get the girl).

Pando Daily wrote a good piece entitled, “Tech really is the new Hollywood…in all the worse ways”:

– while Hollywood employs some of the most talented people in the world and dominates the global industries of film, television, and music, it is also a magnet for con men, do-nothing dreamers, and various leeches of every sort

– “I’ve been in LA for three years and haven’t done anything but party. I’m like a guy who says his dream is to be a rockstar but all he does is go to concerts and hang out.”

– Replace “rockstar” with “entrepreneur” and “concerts” with “conferences” and this should sound familiar to anyone who’s been around the current tech scene

Although the article makes some decent points, I have actually blogged about what I call “Startup Hippies”, I see it differently.  My perspective on why tech has become so “cool” and entrepreneurs are new “celebs” is specifically tied to the changing wants, needs, and desires of this new generation.  Today more than ever people are “looking up to”:

– People and industries that are dream chasers

– People and industries that value free thought, free time, and free expression

– Work mobility, the stationary 8-5 desk has never really been appealing, less and less each day

– Money, don’t kid yourself, much of the hollywoodizing of society is about: big houses, watches, cars, and private jets

Think about it, the technology eco-system, and specifically, tech entrepreneurs, are constantly pushing boundaries, innovating, value freedom, work all the time, but have mobility, and if someone shows me a “legal” business that is better than technology, I am all ears.  So the next time you see me riding my bike, or blogging outside, or flying off to speak at a conference, and people are snapping pictures, just take one, it won’t hurt my feelings.



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