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Do you have a Two-sided Laminate? #Lamigraphic

Posted on Aug 22, 2013 by in Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Startup Funding | 1 comment

Today’s post is old school!  I’m talking 1999 old school.  Are you kidding me, that was 14 years ago.  That is nuts.  I can’t believe I was 6 years old when I started my first company (just go with me).  Local Atlanta leader Jamie Bardin suggested that I blog about the infamous “two-sided laminate”.  It is humbling that people remember my tactics.  It got me thinking, in 1999, I was slightly heavier, talked way too fast, listened way too little, used my hands when talking even more than I do today, but, I at least understood the need to simplify my message.


It continues to surprise me how few people understand – people will appreciate you simplifying a story, sales message, or request and “get to the point”.  Funny thing about communications, you can always start simple and get more complex, but once you go complex it is difficult to dial it back to simple.  Haven’t you experienced it?  That blank stare you get when you start dropping acronyms all over someone.

I found this really good read on Infographics:

– The fact of the matter is people are busy and we live in an age over saturated with information on the internet.

– 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

– Infographics are a reflection of today’s culture and giving people what they want: visual content. It also means that if you want to survive in the content business, you can no longer do so with just words.

– Visual images combined with text increases memory retention up to 89%.

So I ask you, was I using Infographics before Infographics?  If you remember, I said I was going to add to my bio, “dude that creates new words” – ok – let Lamigraphic forever be associated with me.  Jamie did get me thinking, why did he remember that I carried a two-sided laminate and why did I carry a two sided laminate.  A couple of quick thoughts.  First, as the article states, people are crazy busy, and the two-sided laminate forced me to simplify my message.  I think Jamie remembered it because it was visual.  Lastly, and you will love this, I laminated it because most of my pitching happened over breakfast, the paper continued to get dirty, and I couldn’t afford to reprint them in color – so – the answer – laminate it!  I guess today’s blog could be summarized as: keep your message simple, get it onto two pieces of paper, make it visual, and always be practical.

1 Comment

  1. I had lunch with a former colleague of mine a couple of months ago and he gave me a very cool lamigraphic. I carried it around in my backpack for weeks!

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