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Do you do what you say? Really.

Posted on Aug 14, 2013 by in Core Values, Leadership | 0 comments

You’ve heard the saying, “actions speak louder than words”.  This morning I found myself thinking – what creates trust between any two people or group?  My current chairman and mentor, who by the way is the same guy that challenged me to “create super stars, not be one”, constantly preaches, “Do what you say, work as a team”.  If you have ever met him, I think he starts breakfast with “do what you say, work as a team, pass the salt”.

We do what we say

Have you ever stopped to think about a world where people “did what they said they would do, and worked as a team”.  Wow.

I started reading about “trust”, fully understanding it is not easy, and “doing what you say”, is hard:

– Operate with respect. Respect is an essential trust building component. If you don’t offer respect to others, why would someone give you their trust?

– Eliminate the blame game. Finger pointing, assigning fault, or condemning others’ mistakes diminishes trust.

– Cultivate self-awareness. Do you stop to consider how your actions, including your words, affect others, or do you operate in a sea of self-absorbed cluelessness?

– Apply honorable intentions. If your intentions are honorable your actions will more likely than not be perceived by others as trust-building.

– Get beyond yourself. Those who operate in this age-of-me with an eye on the greater good, a philosophy of contribution, and an understanding of the interconnection and interdependence that builds a better future for everyone create trusting relationships.

I found a bunch of good articles on building trust, what to do, what not to do, they all seemed fairly complicated.  I spent sometime thinking about how to simplify: respecting others, not finger pointing, being aware of your actions, not trying to manipulate, and building a better future for everyone.  You guessed it, “do what you say, and work as a team”.  Today’s post is not meant to be “I’m perfect, you suck”, remember, the purpose of this blog is a “single challenging, thought provoking question”.

So, I’m off to focus on “doing what I say, and working as a team”.  (aside: it is painted on the wall @WhatCounts).

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