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Springbot: What is Marketing Robotics?

Posted on Jul 25, 2013 by in Sales and Marketing, Startup Funding, Technology | 0 comments

So you heard to the news yesterday.  Springbot has raised a Series A investment of $3 Million from TechOperators, TTV Capital, and increased participation from early investors.  Today’s blog post is not about the funding, you can go read about that – just Google it, or visit their website.  Today’s post is about the company itself, the core idea of moving beyond marketing automation and towards #MarketingRobotics.

Technology has forever changed the marketing landscape.  We are on the fast track to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) spending more on technology than the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).  Why is this?  Well, digital channels such as social, online, mobile, and email (SOME) are trackable at a crazy detailed level.

Springbot - Marketing Robotics

Here is a great speech on “Is the CMO the new CTO?” (youtube video).

Forbes wrote up a very nice article “Five Years From Now, CMOs Will Spend More on IT Than CIOs Do”, a quick summary of the video and article:

– When marketing and IT depend on silos of teams, data, processes and software, they run in a very ad hoc fashion, and that makes it extremely difficult to scale, replicate and optimize.

– Global corporations now face enormous risks as they try to manage brand campaigns across a variety of different platforms (both off- and online).

– Just as risks have multiplied, so have compliance concerns. Companies across all sectors face new industry regulations, as well as country/regional laws governing consumer privacy, etc.

– Today’s successful marketers are taking a customer-centric approach and delivering a brand experience that’s compelling, personalized and consistent across all touchpoints.

Let’s get back to this idea of #MarketingRobotics.  My love affair with Springbot has multiple dimensions:

1.  I have a man crush on both Brooks Robinson and Joe Reger.  Have you met these guys – ok – you understand!

2.  eCommerce is tailor made for online marketing, automation, data, and yes #MarketingRobotics – why – you can track every marketing action down to a specific dollar of revenue, specific product, and specific person – BOOM!

3.  Lastly, and maybe most importantly, they are thinking “beyond marketing automation”.

#MarketingRobotics is a technology solution that combines big data, predictive analytics, channel integration and marketing mix optimization.  Now imagine, you are a small to medium ecommerce retailer – what are the chances you can go integrate your transaction data with all kinds of enhanced consumer information, run it against a predictive artificial intelligence engine, integrate all your online marketing channels, and then mix that all together into a simple “next marketing action button”.  It just got a whole lot easier with Springbot – Marketing Robotics.

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