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What would you do with a Flux Capacitor?

Posted on Jul 9, 2013 by in Core Values, Leadership, Life Lessons | 0 comments

To say my friends are into cars is the understatement of the blog0sphere.  Whether I am going to a meeting, or to the gym, the parking lot often looks like showcase row at a club.  Cars, cars, cars.  There are multiple benefits to being tall, dark, and greatsome.  First, I’m tall, second I don’t fit in fancy sports cars.  This not fitting thing is good – trust me – big cost savings.  Have you seen Back to the Future?  I think it won an Academy award, but I am not sure.  It is a classic!  First off, the main character’s name is “Marty McFly”.  The movie has everything: action, adventure, love, a DeLorean, and Marty is kicking retro Nikes (ok they are retro now).


The DeLorean has a flux capacitor in it.  Don’t act like you don’t know what a flux capacitor is – the real question is if you could get your hands on one – what would you do with it?  Have you ever wondered, would you go into the future, or back in time?  What is most interesting to you?  Get ready, it probably says a lot about your view of life, history, and the future.  You put your red life jacket on, white-washed blue jeans, retro Nikes, jump in your DeLorean, and get it going 88 miles per hour.

Next stop:

– Are you headed into the future to get a sneak pick of what is to come?

– Are you headed into the future to see what you look like, where you live, what became of your life?

– Are you headed back in time to visit a famous person you’ve only read about?

– Are you headed back in time to make a different decision and go down a different path?

Go ahead say it, “I hate today’s blog post”….why are you still reading?  The flux capacitor question is a tough one.  Are you wondering what I would do?  I would jump in that time machine and head straight into the future.  Tomorrow is what interests me most.  Do I study history – yes – it is a good predictor of the future – and there is lots of be learned; however that was a different time, a different place.  I live in 2013 and will hopefully live in 2033.  2033.  2033.  What will the world be like in 2033 – how many people will be reading my blog?  (I’m laughing with you).  I’m not scared of tomorrow, I welcome it.

You can buy those red retro Nikes here!

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