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Are you Feeling Blessed? You should…

Posted on Jul 4, 2013 by in Core Values, Leadership, Life Lessons | 0 comments

One benefit to blogging each day – I will hit a bunch of holidays.  Today is July 4th, 2013.  237 years ago 56 dudes who owned land signed the Declaration of Independence – basically saying, yo Great Britain “bring it”.  A Nance did not sign the document so I have to go with my next favoriate Benjamin Franklin.  Why Benjamin?  He was a self educated, writer (today – Poor Richard’s Almanack would be a blog), inventor, and entrepreneur.  If you haven’t taken a serious look at the total of his life, give it a fair reading.


I have a dear friend who will often say, “Feeling Blessed”.  It’s a way of saying, “today is good, the sun is out, I’m chasing my dreams, living my life, and I’m happy”.  As with most perfect sayings I think this one came from a Gangsta rap song (don’t they all).  So today, I find myself reading the Declaration of Independence, not focused on the fact that 56 white land owning dudes signed it – but rather what it created, “the opportunity”, to live free and chase happiness.  That all too famous saying, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” or “Happyness” depending on if you are a Will Smith fan.

I thought I would share a few things I’m “Feeling Blessed” about, fully understanding that the United States is not perfect, “but”, having traveled the world, I understand what is special about this country:

– Life: nothing is guaranteed, but I go to bed each night feeling that the people I love are safer in this country than anywhere else

– Liberty: I wake up each morning knowing that I have the freedom to make good choices and bad choices but they are my choices

– Pursuit of Happiness: Life is tough, and happiness is not promised each day; however, I get to chase it

Having been fortunate enough to travel the United States, and world, I can say, I’m “Feeling Blessed”.  I’m not asking for perfection, I know there are issues, I acknowledge them and choose to participate in the system and attempt to leave it in better shape.  We each have a choice: appreciate the life we have in this country, understand that we are free, and pursue our own personal definition of happiness or don’t do that.  What are you going with?

Now, go celebrate your life with friends and loved ones, demonstrate your freedom by setting off fireworks, and pursue happiness by drinking and eating too much.  Happy Thursday, July 4th, 2013.

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