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Are you ready to #Fail Quickly?

Posted on Jul 1, 2013 by in Core Values, Leadership, Life Lessons, Risk, Sales and Marketing, Startup Funding | 0 comments

When is the last time you really crashed, burned, and bumped your nose?  We are not really mentally setup to celebrate failure – however – without it no real progress every happens.  Today’s blog post actually came from a conversation about the movie Shawshank Redemption.  The movie connects with me on several levels : my father worked in a prison for 25 years, the primary character is calm in the face of a storm, and he literally climbs through shit to obtain freedom.  Great movie, but it did lose the Academy Award to Forrest Gump, but Forrest even beat Pulp Fiction.  Who would win a fist fight between Tim Robbins, Tom Hanks, and John Trovalta?

Fail Quickly

I found this great article: Creating an Innovation Culture – Accepting Failure is Necessary (quick summary takeaways) :

– Innovation (forward movement) requires experimentation and yes failure

– Failure leads to learning, iteration, and adaptation

– Most societal structures and companies are setup to avoid Failure

– People often define themselves by if they do or don’t make mistakes

While reading and researching Failure, I found this amazing video (very short) with Steve Jobs.  Imagine how scary failure is, most people are even more afraid to ask for help.  Are you prepared to ask for help and then take action knowing you might crash and burn?

Today’s picture is going to take a little thinking, so don’t rush and just start laughing.  Sure this guy is breaking out of jail and about to run into a problem, but the real question is “will he swim through it like Tim Robbins or turn around”?  Which would you do?

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