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Have you seen The Nance?

Posted on Jun 24, 2013 by in Core Values, Life Lessons | 0 comments

Yes, I’ve got an entire play named after me…not really, but as usual, it got me thinking.  The Nance is a play written by Douglas Carter Beane. In 1937 Chauncey Miles is a star in a poor burlesque theatre company in New York City, playing a “nance”, a “stock character who was a flamingly effeminate homosexual.”  The play has received 5 Tony Nominations and its star, Nathan Lane, was also nominated for Outstanding Actor.

This play and more specifically the timing of it, got me thinking, how have things changed in the last 76 years?  What will our society look like in the year 2089.  It’s always educational looking backwards and forwards.  The debate over gay marriage continues – and its in the Supreme Court – this is the final week of their session, will make they make a ruling?  I’m not sure they haven’t called to ask my advice…

Nathan Lane - The Nance

Did you know in 1937:

– Women had the right to vote for only 17 years

– We were still 27 years away from Civil Rights Act of 1964

– Bill Cosby was born in 1937

– We had not landed on moon, it was 32 years away

– There was no cell/mobile phones, it was 36 years away

– There was no (Web) Internet, it was 53 years away

– There was no NBA finals, the league was 12 years away

Just trying to get you thinking.  Is this a political blog post about the Supreme Court ruling – no way – you don’t know me if you think that.  It is just to get you thinking, it is an important ruling that effects the lives of real people.  The world changes, marching forward, as societal needs change, the world has a funny way of changing – often for the better.  What will our world look like in 2089?  I’m not sure; however I am fairly confident this ruling will be a part of a story that looks back at the summer of 2013.  Stay tuned, feel free to comment.

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