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Are you a super star? So…

Posted on Jun 23, 2013 by in Core Values, Leadership, Life Lessons, Mentoring | 0 comments

So, you are a super star!  We all know someone that is the Michael Jordan, Beyonce, or Steve Jobs of their particular domain.  I will admit it, these super stars are pretty amazing.  They certainly meet my personal life compass: Dream Big, Work Hard, Learn Constantly, and Enjoy Life.  Each super star I have studied, watched, or learned from seems to have found their success through a mixture of extreme talent, hard work, and of course a little luck.  Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball team (this is not true, but I will continue the myth, it helps my blog post), Beyonce lost a dozen talent competitions, and of course Steve Jobs got fired.  So the path to super stardom is not a straight line or easy.

Super Star

I remember vividly to this day a challenge that an investor made sitting in my office: “Allen, you might be a super star, maybe, but the real question is, can you create super stars?”  I remember being so confused.  I had basically spent my entire career trying to be “great” at what I did, but had never once thought about “making someone else great”.  What a powerful question: Are you a super star or do you create super stars?

How can you focus on “creating super stars”?:

– First, remove “I” from your definition of success

– Second, stop asking “How would I do that?”

– Openly communicate your desire to “create super stars” not “be a super star”

Create a framework for assessing talent (such as TopGrading) 

The other day, Bob Schwartz, the former President of Magento, tweeted that his goal was to “enable success”.  Having had the opportunity to meet him, I can tell you, he is busy creating super stars.  So, are you a super star, or are you creating super stars.  Imagine the feeling of satisfaction that comes from hitting the game winning shot, closing the big deal, or fulfilling your dreams.  Now, imagine being someone that enables others to achieve these things – which are you?

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