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When does Life Begin?

Posted on Jun 29, 2013 by in Core Values, Life Lessons, Mentoring | 0 comments

I am the father of two daughters – stop laughing.  The guys are well represented in the house – between me, Dillon the Cat, and Wendall the Dog, we have plenty of dudeness in the crib.  My daughters are growing up fast.  Today’s post comes from from my oldest who is away at camp.  First, let me say, we have been awaiting a letter from her for nearly five days, she was almost in trouble, then today, three letters showed up.  The letters got me thinking, and of course, I needed a blog topic.

Camp Life

When does Life Begin?  In one of her letters, she said “thank you for letting me begin my life”.  Funny, I wasn’t aware that her life had not begun.  You have to love kids, totally unplugged, totally unfiltered, they can’t help themselves, they say exactly what they are feeling.  So, when does life begin.  Are you parent?  If you are, you understand, you have a plan for your kids, stop denying it, its not flattering.  We all do, we have a plan, hopes, dreams, and yes expectations.  I actually discussed mine in a recent blog post.

I started thinking.  Maybe life begins when it feels like “our plan” not “their plan”.  At first the comment she made was a bit concerning, then I got excited.  Maybe she is going to return home more confident, more curious, and more aware that her life is her’s – to make – good or bad.  Who doesn’t want a child that understands personal responsibility.  Prior to the letter, if you asked me, “do you want your children to own their destiny”, without hesitation I would say, “yes”.  We are all a product of a series of decisions we make – starting at a very young age.  Have you read about the Nature versus Nurture debate?

Near the end of July I will travel to pick her up.  Who will I meet?  Well, I am not sure, besides to say, she will have experienced a new place, new friends, new challenges, and new ideas.  That can not be bad, and apparently her life has begun, how exciting.  When did your life begin?  How is “your” plan working out?  Remember the old saying, “life is not a destination it’s a journey!”

I wonder if this counts as her first “personal retreat” or “sabbatical”.  I miss her, but I am proud of her.

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