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What is a Happy Father’s Day?

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 by in Life Lessons | 0 comments

How many times today have you heard “Happy Father’s Day”?  As usual, I was listening for a question to write about.  I called my father today and wished him a “Happy you had me day!” – its a joke between the two of us, he kinda laughs…

So, what is a happy father’s day?  Parents are in a tough position – we all have to make our kids do things they don’t want to do – why, because hopefully we have a vision for the world they will live in.  (Disclaimer) Before I share my “Dad’s Demands” with you, understand, I was a handful growing up…

My dad made three very simple demands of me:

1.  Make good grades.  My father had no formal education, but he has more street smarts than any other person I have ever been around.  More importantly, he understood, I would live in a world where a formal education mattered.

2.  Don’t get anyone pregnant.  I’m sorry if this one offends some, but understand, my father grew up around single parent households and unplanned pregnancies and he understood how difficult this is.

3.  Don’t bring the cops home.  My father spent his entire career working in a prison, and many in his own family had issues staying out of jail.  He gave me freedom to explore always knowing I could call him “anytime” – unless – I was calling from the police station.

Fathers Day

So today, I celebrate these simple “Dad’s Demands” by asking myself what demands I will place on my own children, with a clear vision of the world they will live in!

1.  Learn to Learn.  My daughters will live in a different world.  They will live in a world that doesn’t value grades specifically, rather places value on the ability to learn.  They won’t be able to just memorize, they will have to adapt to a fast changing world, built around technology and information, and highly competitive.

2.  Be healthy.  The obesity issue is real.  In America nearly 40% of all adults are obese, and this number is climbing.  They will need to understand that being healthy requires they drink water, eat real food not in packages, and take long walks.

3.  See the world.  The world is a big place – but – it is getting smaller.  They will live in a world that requires them to have a global understanding, speak another language, and move effortlessly among a diverse set of people.

Will my daughters call me thirty years from now and say “Happy you had me day”! and be thankful for their ability to learn, their health, and their world view?  I certainly hope so, if that happens, it will be a Happy Father’s Day…

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